The Management and staff  of 'Big On Parts' Pty LTD  acknowledge the company‚Äôs responsibility and obligation to the broader society in which we operate and live. Our belief is that, for a business to succeed, it needs to be built on the foundations of good communication and excellent customer satisfaction.

'Big On Parts' Pty LTD acts responsibly and with the highest standards of ethics and integrity in our dealings.'Big On Parts  Management' believe that responsible business practice results in good sustainability.
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'Big On Parts' Pty Ltd is privately owned new and used automotive parts retailer South Africa. 
We have the main branch in Johannesburg and a mobile branch in Durban, we supply anywhere in the country.

We have a supporting supplier base of 100  world-class suppliers contributing to a massive range of over 55 000 parts. 

Our 2 branches are supported by a well-developed supply chain as well as merchandising and support services.

We are a powerful supplier of vehicle body parts and spare vehicle parts and have excellent presence in the automotive market. 

We are respected by trade customers (workshops and engineers), cash customers and independent spares retailers.
Ownership currently vests in  excellent customer service and 'Big On Parts Management'.

Products and Services:

'Big On Parts' Pty LTD offers a wide range of new and used body parts, mechanical parts, spares and accessories, we are not limited and can source any part if we do not have it in stock, which caters for every market, as well as all major brands in the market. 
Everything you need to know:
The Ownership of 'Big On Parts' Pty LTD:
Social Responsibility:
We offer:
Crank Angle Sensors
Idle Air Control Valves
Coil Packs
Auto Parts
Spare Parts
Electrical Parts
Pencils Coils
TPS Sensors
Diesel Pumps
Cam Sensors
Ignition Modules
Body Parts
( New & Used )